When you consider your art reflects your life’s highest values, shouldn’t the protection and care upholding your works be of equal caliber? Of course it should. That’s why Rest Assured offers an unmatched expertise in the industry, partnering with interior designers, galleries and fine furniture retailers for more than 25 years. Properly crating, receiving, shipping and storing fine art means that preserving, transforming, and enjoying your collection is and never will be in question.


Adept in every aspect of fine art care, transportation and storage, Rest Assured’s knowledge and capabilities run the entire safeguarding scale, from handling complicated installations, to working with security installations to inspecting existing hardware, cleaning, restoring and more. Backed by our experience and technology, enjoying the mystery, beauty and increasing value of your fine art is ensured, always.



Rest Assured

What We Offer

• Special Care and Protection: White-glove treatment of all upholstered pieces and shoe coverings to protect your carpet

• Skilled, experienced precious art installers and furniture handlers who exceed all industry standards

• Reliable delivery trucks

• Crating of fragile antiques, mirrors and chandeliers

• Packing professionals with an expertise in art displays with security locks

• 25 years of proven experience